Thursday, 26 April 2007

Happy (belated) Anzac Day

Oh man. Just got net back after the whooole of yesterday and most today in the wilderness. The horrors! Here's what was meant for yesterday:

With biscuits, just like with primary school kids, the goody-two-shoes are always up front

When we first got to Australia, Sis and I were the only Asian kids at school and ANZAC day befuddled us somewhat (Anzac biscuits, on the other hand, were a far easier sell). As far as we knew, there was a big concert on the bitumen (paved courtyard), the flag was raised and then all of us had our memories sorely tested when we got to the second chorus of the national anthem. Possibly because it had only become the official anthem two years before.

On further inspection, it seemed to be a day marking a great military defeat. I was no expert on war (I double-majored in My Little Pony and Kylie), but thought it kind of weird that Australians honoured losing. It was only later I realised it was more about honouring trying your best, no matter the consequence. I can't claim to have learnt much from Attadale Primary, but I can still nail that second chorus.

Sunday, 22 April 2007

How old doth thee feel

Conversation yesterday:

Miss J, 14, was recounting a story to Big Sis and I that her Girl's Scouts troupe had won a dance contest. They didn't think they had a chance, but tried anyway.

Big Sis: Wow, good on you! Could we have an encore performance? We'd love to see it.
Miss J: You can see it on YouTube.

Thursday, 19 April 2007

You know you're in San Francisco when...

...your cute welcome cake says "Welcome to the Bay Area", because REAL San Franciscans know that "San Francisco" only means the city bit and does not include all the bits around it. OK, geography lesson over, unless that's the kind of thing you're really into.

Monday, 16 April 2007

What a difference a month makes

Bugger me. I've been here for a month already.

I know, I know. What the hell have I been up to that I couldn't be arsed to put up a few pictures and some smart aleck comments about the Americans. What could be easier!

It's been, shall we say, fantastic. Other people, when they leave one country for another, they may just take a direct plane there. Those people have no imagination and probably do sudoku for fun.

Here's how I did it:

First, after finishing work at Chinese New Year, was the farewells. They were fun, bittersweet, but mostly, immensely calorific. Coming on the back of CNY celebrations there was a fair bit of gorging on everything in sight.

Then, there was Sydney, where I got to hang with my fave little guy David and my aunt and uncle. Then I did some bbq-eating with my old roommate and met up a uni friend.

Then, home to Perth and more Aussie goodness–catching up with all my favourite Perthians. Can't get more Aussie than this pic. Also I had an interview at the US Consulate for a visa. I just about gave myself an ulcer over the interview, which, as is my luck, turned out to be nothing at all.

Then, back to Singapore to look one last time at this godforsaken chair that style forgot, and poof! Just like that, a chapter in my life over.

I spent a few days in Tokyo to break up the trip, staying in hip Shinjuku with my ex-colleague and his gf. We went to bars that baffle me still–one involved ping pong balls. My host mum, who recovered from serious illness just one month before, came to town to take me round. She out-walked me at the Imperial gardens (above) which, really, goes to show how useless I've become fitness-wise.

..and I made an entirely useless trip to Odaiba, an island off Tokyo. Useless cos I didn't know in order to get home I had to leave exactly 30 min from getting off. I did get to see Puppy *the World, though, which is a shop where you can rent dogs to walk around the island. I would have gone with Pups for Pounds as a name, but that's just me.

And finally, hoorah, hoorah. Home in SF, where I've taken up my position as house elf for Big Sis. The cherry blossoms were kind enough to come out to welcome me.

We've been on one road trip since I got here. No points for guessing where :p It's not something you really do in Singapore, and I've got quite the appetite for it now.

Other than that, it's been a buffet of day-to-day fun things. I've met all of Big Sis' SF 'family'. They're a great bunch and a big part of feeling settled here. I was Miss Apprehension about the move, but I think it works out for the best. It's perhaps been a tad tooo fun cos the jobsearch only just got started, heh.

The time wasn't mis-spent. Now that I've had some time for things to roll around in my head, something has clicked over and I'm sure what I want/don't want to do. Which, for me, is nothing short of a bloody miracle.

Some housekeeping:
I'm not feeling the design at the moment, but don't want the plain white, so I'm gonna leave it first, k?